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Consultancy: Critical design assistance.

Often, a new design for an electronic product will get bogged down in the prototype stage.

What was allocated two weeks in the design schedule rapidly turns into months, as the prototype is re-spun, subtle errors are detected, concepts are proved wrong and thrown out, and a desperate attempt is made to bring performance up from 70% to 100%.
There must be a reason for this - and there is:
Before the prototype is produced, the product only exists as a series of concepts, sketches and diagrams. The visualization barrier at this point is high.

Those working on the product will write off perceived problems as a visualization issue - when the problem may be very real.

Every once in a while, a truly awful product makes it past the prototype stage and onto the market. Again, either a lack of ability to visualize how the prototype will turn into the final product, or a lack of evaluation of the prototype are generally to blame.

To address these issues - it is important to take on a skilled consultant at the early stages of prototype design in order to be able to analyse the decisions being made, and point out the implications of these decisions on the final product.

By using such a review process - by evaluating the prototype before it has been produced, many months can be saved, and a better product will generally result.

DanielG can provide these critical design inputs, and should be contacted as soon as possible in the design phase.

DanielG can also offer mentoring services. Please feel free to make contact by e-mail.

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