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Mentoring: Bridging the gaps.

With technology developing at such a fast rate, many companies are left in a quandary:

Are they better served by experienced engineers who may not have experience in the cutting-edge field that the project requires...


...would it be preferable to use a more recently qualified engineer who may be up-to-date in such fields, but has less experience of the overall design process?

In such cases, assistance and mentoring by DanielG can complement and enhance the skills available - and can dramatically increase the probability of a project's design being successful.

In the past, DanielG has been brought in by established companies to provide insight, explanation, and training on issues such as PCI, high-speed buses, and preparation for layout.

He has also guided university students and junior engineers all the way from first principles of effective schematic design through to the best hands-on debug techniques for their finished product.

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