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Skills: In touch with technology.

A computer with dual processors is impressive....
...how about a system with nine or even seventy-two processors.

Think about almost any electronic product. We know that electronics today means silicon chips - tiny devices that perform calculations, process data, and make decisions at great speed.
These devices are designed by chip designers or FPGA designers.

Almost all electronic products these days run software - a group of instructions that tell processor chips what to do and how to control the other chips.
Software is designed and written by programmers.

Although DanielG has experience of chip design and of programming, his specialty is everything that comes in between:

Which chips are required to allow software to achieve the required function, and how do they communicate?

Product design
Thrashing out issues such as target price, user interface, and mechanical design before progressing further.

Schematic design
Building the database of all the legs (pins) of all the chips, and the connections between them.

Overseeing layout
Ensuring that the arrangement and connection of chips on the PCB will perform as required by the product.

Describing the product to programmers, marketing, technical writers so everyone is in sync.

Bring-up and debug
The magic moment when the product is brought to life - and then getting it working 100%.

Move to mass manufacture
Working to reduce costs, simplify handling, and automate production and testing .

DanielG's core competencies are:

All flavors, including PCI-X, compact PCI, Cardbus, PMC, etc.

Embedded system design
Designing complete systems with leading processors such as PowerPC.

High-speed design
Dealing with the problems at high parallel rates (333MHz+) and serial rates (2.5GBPS+).

Modular, hierarchic schematic design and layout
Reducing design time and mistakes, increasing reliability by effective hierarchic design.

Multi-processor design
Effective strategies for producing multi-processor systems.

Analog in the digital world
Dealing successfully with the analog areas in a digital design - power, video, etc.

Communications protocols
From I2C and RS-232 to Gigabit Ethernet, OC48 Sonet, and beyond..

You can see examples of my work on the projects page. Please feel free to make contact by e-mail.

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